Fixing Connection Problems with self-hosted MySQL Server Daemon

Problem 0 When running mysqld on a VirtualBox guest OS of Ubuntu Linux, connection was being refused. Solution Fixed by changing the bind-address value to in mysqld.cnf Command (edit as root with nano): Edit: Problem 1 The next problem was error 1130 (access denied). Solution Fixed this by enabling password authentication:

Symfony Entity Creation

Create an Entity: (an auto-generated ‘id’ column will be added for you) Make sure the namespace path matches the file path: Make sure ORM Mapping is in use: Create a Migration: Execute the Migration:

Not so Swift

When tasked with the job of replacing buggy Swift code with release-quality Objective-C (mostly because I am more familiar with the latter), I find myself wondering why Swift is so popular. Consider the following pair of code lines. The top line is Objective-C and the line below it is the equivalent operation in Swift (the …