Antisocial Networking

I’ve got an online girlfriend
Who is, quite possibly, a man
I manipulate my image
To give myself a tan

Earned a quarter of a penny in ad revenue today
Spent a quarter of a thousand to get people to press “play”
My instructional video, showing how to grow a tree,
Is interrupted by ads for a pill that treats E. D.

Warriors buying injustice
Snowflakes buying tweets
Leaders buying followers
Boxers buying beats

Hashtags link me to the site where they all flip the bird
Tried to write a sonnet but it had an extra word
Picture of my new house, picture of my meal
Looks like I am doing well, but none of it is real

I buy myself some “likes”
The scrolling never ends
I buy myself some Astroturf
I buy myself some “friends”

Antisocial Networking, we all make virtual friends
Antisocial Networking, where the “feeding” never ends

Antisocial Networking, got to loosen up your belt
Antisocial Networking, where the “snowflakes” go to melt

Sucking all the humanity out of humanity
Sucking all the humanity out of humanity

Antisocial Networking, an echo chamber for lies
Antisocial Networking, everybody in disguise

Antisocial Networking, where the devil is in the detail:
Antisocial Networking is just the latest tool for retail.