Played the Game and Lost

I played the game and lost
I put my toes across the line
I played the game and lost
victory totally wasn’t mine

I gave it a try, I did my best
but the dice weren’t rolling my way
I was alone then and I’m alone now
and that’s how it’s gonna stay

I thought my grace and my skills
were fully demonstrated
now I’m sitting on the sidelines
realizing that I’m deeply hated
crawl into a bottle and get heavily sedated
because I … played the game and lost

I played the game and lost
my pigskin hit the turf
I played the game and lost
i should have stuck to using Nerf

turns out, that easy first down
was merely a deception
you could see my disappointed frown
when it led to an interception
now the mascot is farting
in my general direction
because I … played the game and lost

I played the game and lost
I thought i had a base to steal
I played the game and lost
I never got the contract deal

I thought that bringing it home
was sure to get me winning
but all those curve-ball pitches
took me out of every inning
got knocked into the dugout
and my helmet flew off spinning
because I … played the game and lost

I played the game and lost
I’m dashed upon the rocks
I played the game and lost
now I’m in the penalty box


I hit the ice with my stick high
and my teeth packed with dip
I didn’t hear period buzzer
’till I smashed my lower lip

I thought that making that goal
was well within my power
the clock was counting down
I had minutes instead of hours
the buzzer sounded
and I had to hit the showers
because I … played the game and lost


Internet of Things

they put my toaster on the internet
so I can watch it burn on-line
my wine cooler’s web page tells me
if the wine’s before its time

the smart vacuum cleaner tells me when I missed a spot
and so does the mower, this is some kind of plot
the dishwasher unfriends me if I don’t pre-wash
the toilet bowl tweets when I forget to flush
my car gives my parking a 2-star rating
my air mattress sends a text when it needs inflating
the refrigerator calls me when it needs more food
the floorboards blog about it when they come unglued
the roof offers up content featuring buckets when it leaks
the bird feeder has a pill-count showing all the empty beaks
the driveway writes an article about how to shovel snow
and the yard writes comments about leaves I need to blow
the machine sends me an email when my wash is done
but it still cant tell me where my other sock has gone

my digital assistant called the ambulance when I fell to the floor
the trash can asked me to empty it on my way out the door
the lawn wondered if I’d be back to water it today
as the paramedics lifted me and hauled me away

now the bedpan is buzzing
as it needs to be changed
the nurse says that they have WiFi
and access can be arranged

when they found me unresponsive,
there is one symptom that was showing:
from my cold, dead hands fell my tablet
with its inbox overflowing.

Antisocial Networking

I’ve got an online girlfriend
Who is, quite possibly, a man
I manipulate my image
To give myself a tan

Earned a quarter of a penny in ad revenue today
Spent a quarter of a thousand to get people to press “play”
My instructional video, showing how to grow a tree,
Is interrupted by ads for a pill that treats E. D.

Warriors buying injustice
Snowflakes buying tweets
Leaders buying followers
Boxers buying beats

Hashtags link me to the site where they all flip the bird
Tried to write a sonnet but it had an extra word
Picture of my new house, picture of my meal
Looks like I am doing well, but none of it is real

I buy myself some “likes”
The scrolling never ends
I buy myself some Astroturf
I buy myself some “friends”

Antisocial Networking, we all make virtual friends
Antisocial Networking, where the “feeding” never ends

Antisocial Networking, got to loosen up your belt
Antisocial Networking, where the “snowflakes” go to melt

Sucking all the humanity out of humanity
Sucking all the humanity out of humanity

Antisocial Networking, an echo chamber for lies
Antisocial Networking, everybody in disguise

Antisocial Networking, where the devil is in the detail:
Antisocial Networking is just the latest tool for retail.

Flipping the Bird

Flipping the bird
See how far it flies
Flipping the bird
Inaudible to the wise

Make a bold statement
Call out for action
Rethink your position
Make a retraction

Flipping the bird
This one’s drawing flies
Flipping the bird
The bots are in disguise

Calling out injustice
From a platform built on greed
Protesting inequality
From a comfort with no need

Stupid is what stupid does
Banal is what discourse was
Having a truncated conversation
About the fate of every nation
Sucking all the oxygen out of the room
Hammering out the epitaph on your own tomb

Flipping the bird
It’s time to come to terms
Flipping the bird
This one’s feeding worms