A Windows system tray application that monitors the state of the Num Lock key, restoring it to the active state if it is ever found to be inactive.

If you find your Num Lock key is being turned off by certain remote desktop applications, numlockr will prevent that.

Tested on Windows 10.


Data Organizer

The Data Organizer application was created to save a user’s time by providing a hierarchical scratch-pad that allows the creation and organization of textual data, without the need for repeating the steps of creating folders and files or editing and saving those files in a text editor window. It automatically saves the content of the text window when switching nodes (control-S can also be used to save the current content). The standard “edit” key combinations are also supported, and always apply to the text window (rather than the tree control): Select All (control-A), Copy (control-C), and Paste (control-V). Selecting a word with a double-click will automatically disregard a trailing space character, so that passwords or usernames can be pasted from the clipboard without errors.

The Data Organizer application uses a folder named “data” to store all data (created in the folder where the EXE is installed), arranging it in a tree of folders containing text files:

This design makes it possible to safeguard the contents of the “data” folder tree using a source control system.

The Data Organizer application supports the renaming of nodes, which changes the underlying folder names:

Feel free to Download and try Data Organizer out.

The Source Code is also available if you prefer reviewing the source before building and using Data Organizer.

Happy organizing!